Firmware Update SIGMA fp L

Firmware Update SIGMA fp L

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We would like to announce that a new firmware update is now available for SIGMA fp L.

Applicable product

• SIGMA fp L

Benefits of the update: SIGMA fp L: Ver.2.0

• It corrects the phenomenon whereby image data taken during tethered shooting using the photo editing software "Capture One 21 (14.4.0)"  released by Capture One A/S may sometimes corrupt when the image quality is set to DNG (RAW) on the camera.

How to update
• To update the firmware, please click here.

Benefits of the update

• It adds the [False Color] function where the exposure status on the screen is displayed in different colors, allowing users to easily see the exposure status of any part of the frame. It adds the "Focus Ring Control" function that allows users to change the movement of the focus ring to either linear or non-linear.
  * 1 Only for compatible lenses. 
* 2 To use this function, it is necessary to update the firmware of the compatible lens to the latest version.

It adds the "STILL / CINE Link Settings" function that allows users to select whether or not they want to link key exposure settings between STILL and CINE modes.
  * The following settings are affected: Shooting Mode,  Shutter Speed,  Aperture,  Exposure Compensation, ISO Sensitivity

It allows the "Screenshot" and "False color" functions to be assigned to "Custom button functions".

• It changes the specification so that the countdown before a shot in self-timer mode (2 seconds and 10 seconds), and the exposure time for long exposures (bulb shooting and exposures of 1 second or longer) are displayed on screen.

• It adds a function available in STILL mode where information from the attached lens (focal length and shooting distance) can be displayed on screen.

• It adds a "Clip Numbering" function in CINE mode that allows users to change the clip numbering of the "File name / Number" in the "SYSTEM" menu.

•It improves the correction algorithm for Color Shading Correction.


• It improves the operation of "Pre-AF" in STILL mode and "Constant AF" in CINE mode.

To update the firmware, click here.

For Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G Series users

Blackmagic RAW recording using the HDMI output of SIGMA fp L updated to Ver.2.00 may not perform correctly without updating the Video Assist firmware. Please wait for Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd to update the firmware for the Video Assist 12G series scheduled for early February to update the SIGMA fp L firmware.

About instruction manual

The latest version of the instruction manual (PDF format) that supports this firmware update can be downloaded here.

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