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fp L - Mirrorless Camera

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Best Photo/Video Camera Advanded - TIPA World Awards 2021

  • 61 Megapixel, 35 mm full-frame sensor (Back-illuminated)
  • Hybrid AF - combines contrast- and phase-detection
  • 10 fps for high-speed shooting
  • Still or video - change shooting models with just a flip of a switch.
  • Directors Viewfinder - an essential tool for a film director
  • Web Camera - you only need a USB-cable (Charging and Video)
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SIGMA announces the SIGMA fp L
The world’s smallest and lightest* single-lens mirrorless camera with a 61MP full-frame image sensor

SIGMA is pleased to announce the launch of the SIGMA fp L, a new member of the SIGMA fp series of the world’s smallest and lightest* full-frame digital single-lens mirrorless cameras. Equipped with a full-frame Bayer sensor with approximately 61 effective megapixels. Thanks to this 61MP image sensor, the SIGMA fp L boasts outstanding resolving power, while remaining true to the SIGMA fp development concepts; the world’s smallest and lightest pocketable full-frame camera, seamless STILL / CINE switch and excellent customizability and scalability.

With an excellent crop zoom that capitalizes on its ample megapixels, it offers users levels of image quality and creative range that are only possible with an ultra-high pixel camera. It also comes with an array of new features and accessories, which will make shooting more user friendly, including hybrid autofokus (AF) that combines contrast- and phase-detection, and USB charging while the camera is on. A new optional external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 will be available with the camera.

The SIGMA fp L takes full advantage of high-resolution, giving the world’s smallest and lightest pocketable full-frame linup a boost. With the new SIGMA fp L, SIGMA presents you another option in the fp series, which offers a joy of taking pictures with just the features that you truly need - nothing more, nothing less.
* As of March 2021, by SIGMA

SIGMA fp development concepts and its three keys
Breaking down a manufacturer’s ideas of camera-centric hierarchies and categories, SIGMA makes a point of questioning what the genuine value of a camera is. What is essential to photographers? How can we make a camera that not merely meets the need, but makes your life more fulfilling and fun? By asking these questions, SIGMA has brought the SIGMA fp into life. Endlessly flexible and adaptable, a user-oriented camera for people who know what they want to shoot and what they want to create—Making a camera such as this a reality relies on three key concepts that represent the SIGMA fp series identity.

• Pocketable Full-frame
Small in size, big on quality. Perfect for carrying anywhere.
The SIGMA fp: world's smallest and lightest* full-frame mirrorless camera you can take with you anytime, anywhere.
*As of March 2021, by SIGMA

From vintage lenses to modern gadgets, up to professional movie setup. Creating your own style has never been so easy.
Customize your fp just the way you want it, to suit what you want to do.

Capturing your best moment. Photo or video? The choice is yours.
Change shooting modes with just a flip of a switch. Capture the moment whether it's video or stills, beyond the boundaries of style or genre.

The new fp L makes the fp a family of two
The fp, the series' concept model, is now joined by the fp L that takes full advantage of high-resolution, giving the world's smallest and lightest "pocketable full-frame" lineup a boost.

fp L: A big canvas for big moments.
• Back-illuminated 35mm full size effective approx. 61 megapixels Bayer sensor
• Contrast detection autofocus + Phase detection autofocus
• Supports USB power supply

fp: A small camera for a big freedom
• Back-illuminated 35mm full size effective approx. 24.6 megapixels Bayer sensor
• Contrast autofocus
• The original “World's smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless”

Key features of the fp L
Features newly available on the SIGMA fp L

61 megapixels. The highest resolution presented by SIGMA.
Leveraging our knowhow of image processing technology on Foveon sensors.
Thanks to the ultra-high resolution, SIGMA fp L is able to unleash your imagination
and feature a low-pass filter to make a further contribution to the optical performance.

The SIGMA fp L features a Bayer sensor with approximately 61 effective megapixels, higher than any other SIGMA camera before it. In addition to images with fine details, the fp L is capable of creating images that are high-definition and rich in color, thanks to its ultra-high pixel count and SIGMA's experience in developing cameras with a Foveon sensor, are renowned for both the exceptional resolving power and nuanced color gradients due to the unique nature of the X3 sensor. Furthermore, for its image quality that are in principle free of color artifacts, the Foveon sensor legacy was also behind the decision that the fp L should have a low-pass filter to reduce moiré to minimum levels. The use of a low-pass filter was a choice that made sense for a camera with an ample megapixels such as the SIGMA fp L.

Crop Zoom
Higher resolution. Greater freedom. Every shot is your dream shot.

A high pixel count means that images can stand extreme zooming or cropping. This was one aspect of an ultra-high pixel camera that led SIGMA to give the fp L a crop zoom feature that works in both the STILL and CINE modes. Thanks to its ample (approximately 61 effective) megapixels, the fp L can record in full HD quality even at its maximum 5x zoom; because this is accomplished simply by cropping with no digital enhancement, the image quality will not suffer. To use it in a more intuitive way, you can pinch to zoom on the LCD touch screen.

Hybrid Autofocus
Never miss your moment.

In addition to high-precision contrast AF, the SIGMA fp L features fast image plane phase-detection AF. This hybrid AF allows users to enjoy smooth autofocus that is high-precision, fast, and excellent at tracking a moving subject, whether they are shooting stills or video.

Unlimited power supply
Long hours of worry-free USB-C cable power supply

The SIGMA fp L supports USB charging while the camera is on. You can shoot without interruption while charging the camera using a mobile battery, even outdoors or where you have no access to a power outlet. When using it as a webcam, just connect the fp L to a PC via USB and it works as an audio and video input device while getting its power supply from the PC. This means that you can use it for long hours without having to worry about the battery dying on you.

Accessories and new features common for the fp series
Accessories and new features that will become available* on both the SIGMA fp L and the SIGMA fp
*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

External Electronic Viewfinder
An attachment you've been waiting for.

An external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 (optional) designed exclusively for use with the SIGMA fp series. With its 0.5 inch, approx. 3.68 M dots OLED panel, this high-resolution, high-luminance viewfinder will make you feel immersed in your photography experience more thoroughly than ever.

Save / Load Settings are easier than ever
Share your work? Share your world.

With the fp L, you can now save a custom camera setting. Saved settings can be kept as QR code image data, so you can load many patterns of settings very quickly. This allows for a new, fun way for users to share custom settings they recommend with one another by exchanging QR codes with other users or sharing them on social media.
*QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

Powder Blue & Duotone.
New colors. New adventures.

Powder Blue is a color mode with a bright and clear feel, featuring a refreshing blue color, while Duotone turns the colors of an image into a striking two-color gradient. With the addition of these two new modes to SIGMA's ample choice of color modes originally featured on the fp series, there are now a total of 15 color modes to choose from. It is sure to bring a greater range and freedom to your still and video image creation with the fp series.

Key functions and features for different uses
What is the situation like? Who is using it? The SIGMA fp L is flexible and adaptable to suit whatever the photographer wants. Here are what make it so.

1. A still camera for stunning pictures
• Back-illuminated 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor with approx. 61 effective megapixels that supports image plane phase-detection AF
• 15 Color Modes to choose from: Two additional modes newly available*
• Save / Load Settings*
• Smooth autofocus: Hybrid AF
• External Electronic Viewfinder EVF-11(optional)*
*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

2. Webcam for communication with quality image
• Turn the SIGMA fp into a webcam with just a USB-C cable:The SIGMA fp series supports the USB video device class. Simply connect your camera to PC via USB and it sends audio and video to the PC, and works as a webcam.
• Supports USB charging while the camera is on: Works as an audio and video input device while getting power supply from the PC*. Stream video for as long as you want.
*Dependent on the PC's supply capacity
• Hybrid AF: Tracks your subject smoothly and keep them in focus even when streaming online
• Save / Load Settings*: Loads a webcam setting fast using a QR code
• Change camera settings even when connected: Exposure compensation; shutter speed; ISO sensitivity; Color Mode; white balance
• 15 Color Modes to choose from*: Create a streaming video look the way you like it
*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

3. Cinema camera as a powerhouse in a shoot
• Supports 3 RAW file formats
• Supports camera control with a gimbal
• Hybrid AF: Supports recording using a gimbal and one-person operation
• Supports different frame rates*: Supports frame rates commonly used in filmmaking
• Saving & Loading Settings*: Perfect for sharing camera settings in a multi-camera shoot
*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

4. Director's viewfinder essential tool for a film director
• Director's viewfinder*: Simulates shooting ranges of cinema cameras by major manufacturers
• Frame guide*: Supports custom frame lines
• Selection of external viewfinders*: Choice of electronic and optical viewfinders
• Screenshot*: Capture what's on your screen in a single image
• Saving & Loading Settings*: Batch save complicated settings using QR code to store or load them at will
*Scheduled to be available on SIGMA fp via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

More Information
Format TypeInterchangeable-lens Mirrorless Type Digital Camera
Storage MediaSD, SDHC, SDXC mälukaart (UHS-Ⅱ toega), kaasaskantav SSD (USB 3.0 ühendus, USB toite toega)
Sensor type35 mm täiskaader (36,0 mm x 24,0 mm) tagantvalgustusega Bayer CMOS-sensor
Camera effective pixels / Total pixels ca 61 MP (neto) / ca 62,4 MP (bruto)
Image sensor size36.0 mm x 24.0 mm
Aspect ratio3:2
Color, filter systemRGB põhivärvide filter
Still Image File FormatKadudeta pakkimine RAW(DNG) data 12 bit,14 bit / JPEG(Exif2.3), RAW(DNG)+JPEG:salvestamine on võimalik
Image aspect ratio[21:9] / [16:9] / [3:2] / [A Size (√2:1) ] / [4:3] / [7:6] / [1:1]
File size - RAW9,5K : 9520 x 6328 / 6,2K: 6240 x 4144 / 4,8K: 4768 x 3168 / UHD: 3840 x 2552 / FHD: 1920 x 1280
JPEG file size































[A Size(√2:1)]











9.5K : 9,520 x 4,080

6.2K : 6,240 x 2,672

4.8K : 4,768 x 2,040

UHD : 3,840 x 1,648

FHD : 1,920 x 824


9.5K : 9,520 x 6,328

6.2K : 6,240 x 4,144

4.8K : 4,768 x 3,168

UHD : 3,840 x 2,552

FHD : 1,920 x 1,280


9.5K : 8,432 x 6,328

6.2K : 5,520 x 4,144

4.8K : 4,224 x 3,168

UHD : 3,408 x 2,552

FHD : 1,696 x 1,280


9.5K : 6,328 x 6,328

6.2K : 4,144 x 4,144

4.8K : 3,168 x 3,168

UHD : 2,552 x 2,552

FHD : 1,280 x 1,280


9.5K : 9,520 x 5,352

6.2K : 6,240 x 3,512

4.8K : 4,768 x 2,680

UHD : 3,840 x 2,160

FHD : 1,920 x 1,080


9.5K : 8,944 x 6,328

6.2K : 5,856 x 4,144

4.8K : 4,480 x 3,168

UHD : 3,616 x 2,552

FHD : 1,808 x 1,280


9.5K : 7,856 x 6,328

6.2K : 5,152 x 4,144

4.8K : 3,920 x 3,168

UHD : 3,168 x 2,552

FHD : 1,584 x 1,280


* When a DC lens is attached, it can be used with a recording pixel count of 6.2K or less.

Color spacesRGB, Adobe RGB
Audio format (internal)Lineaarne PCM (2 ch 48 kHz / 16 bit)
Recording pixels / Frame rate (Internal)

Camera Internal Record

Movie Format CinemaDNG(8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit)/ MOV:H.264 (ALL-I, GOP)  
Audio Format Linear PCM  (2 ch 48 kHz / 16 bit) 

Record Format /

Frame rate

3,840 x 2,160  (UHD 4K) / 23.98 p, 24 p, 25 p, 29.97 p
1,920 x 1,080  (FHD) / 23.98 p, 24 p, 25 p, 29.97 p, 48 p, 50 p, 59.94 p, 100 p*, 119.88 p*
* Automatic crop zoom setting is x1.67
Continuous recording time (internal)Kuni 2 tundi
Cinema DNG recording media limits (Internal)

SD Card (UHS-II) : UHD 8 bit 25 p or less, FHD 12 bit 59.94 p or less
Portable SSD : UHD 12 bit 29.97 p or less, FHD 12 bit 100 p or less, FHD 8 bit 119.88 p or less

Movie format (External)

4:2:2 8 bit
12 bit RAW :External recorder record : ATOMOS Ninja V, Blackmagic Video Assist 12G supported

Audio format (external)Lineaarne PCM (2 ch 48 kHz/16 bit)
File size / Frame rate (External)

4,096 x 2,160  (DCI 4K) / 24 p ※Only for RAW output
3,840 x 2,160  (UHD 4K) / 23.98 p, 24 p, 25 p, 29.97 p
1,920 x 1,080  (FHD) / 23.98 p, 24 p, 25 p, 29.97 p, 48 p, 50 p, 59.94 p, 100 p*, 119.88 p* 
* Automatic crop zoom setting is x1.67

Auto format / Focus modePilditasandi faasierinevus AF + kontrasti tuvastamise süsteem, üksik AF, pidev AF (liikuvate objektide ennustamise funktsiooniga), käsitsi teravustamine 
AF Measurement DistanceDetecton Range / AF mode-5 kuni 18 EV (F1.4:ISO 100) / automaatne, 49-punkti valikurežiim, vaba liikumise režiim, näo-/silmatuvastuse AF režiim, jälgiva AF režiim
AF Lock (Focus)Katikunupu poolvajutus või AEL nupu vajutus (seadete muutmine on vajalik)
Metering SystemEvaluatiivne, punkt, keskpunktiga kaalutud keskmine
Metering Range-5 kuni 18 EV (50 mm F1.4:ISO 100)
Still Image Shooting Mode(P) programmeeritud AE (programminihke võimalus), (S) säriaja prioriteediga AE, (A) ava prioriteediga AE, (M) käsitsi
Movie Shooting Mode (P) Programmi säri, (S) Katikunurga prioriteediga säri, (A) Ava prioriteediga säri, (M) Käsitsi
Exposure Compensation±5 EV (1/3 astmelise sammuga): ±3 EV video salvestamisel
AE Lock (Exposure Control)Katikunupu poolvajutus või AEL nupu vajutus (seadete muutmine on vajalik)
Exposure Bracket3 võtet / 5 võtet astmelise säritusega 3EV (1/3 sammu, standard → Alasäri → Ülesäri) (Järjestus on muudetav)
Image Stabilization SystemElektrooniline süsteem * Kehtib ainult videote salvestamisel MOV 59.94 p või vähemaga
White balance Settings"12 tüüpi (automaatne, automaatne[valgustusallika prioriteet], päevavalgus, vari, pilvine, hõõglamp, luminofoorlamp, välklamp, värvitemperatuur [50 K sammu], kohandatud 1, kohandatud 2, kohandatud 3)"
Shutter TypeElektrooniline katik
Shutter Speed30 kuni 1/8000 sek, aegsäri kuni 300 sek
Drive ModesÜksik võte, pidev, taimer (2 s / 10 s), intervalli taimer
Monitor Type / CoverageTFT värviline LCD, kuvasuhe 3:2, tüüp 3.15, ca 2,1 miljonit punkti, elektrostaatilise mahtuvussüsteemi puutepaneel / u. 100%
Light Emission Mode (External flash)Punasilmsuse vähendamine / Aeglane sünkroonimine, välk särituse lõpus
Flash Mode (External flash)S-TTL automaatne valguse kontroll, käsitsi, juhtmeta välklamp, multi-emissioon
Exposure control (External flash)Max ±3 EV sammuga 1/3 EV
Flash Tuning Speed (External flash)Max 1/15 sek. * 1/10 sek. või vähem 14-bit RAW-ga
External Flash Support Saadaval, kui Hot Shoe üksus HU-11 (selle tootega kaasas) on paigaldatud. * S-TTL, traadita ühenduse tugi, X-sünkroonimine.
Color mode"15 tüüpi (standard, elav, neutraalne, portree, maastik, kino, sinakas ja oranž, päikeseloojangupunane, metsaroheline, puudrisinine, FOV klassikaline sinine, FOV klassikaline kollane, kahetooniline, monokroomne, väljas)"
Built-in Microphone / SpeakerStereo mikrofon, Monoheli kõlar
Display LanguageEnglish / Japanese / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Russian / Dutch / Polish / Portuguese / Danish / Swedish / Norwegian / Finnish
USBUSB3.1 GEN1 Type-C (supports Mass Storage, Video Class(UVC), Camera Control)
HDMIType D(Ver.1.4)
External MicrophoneΦ3,5 mm stereo minipistik (pistiktoite tugi)
Headphone outputΦ3,5 mm stereo minipistik (saab ühendada spetsiaalse elektroonilise pildiotsija EVF-11 kasutamisel)
Flash-synchro TerminalSpetsiaalne klemm (kui tootega kaasas olev Hot Shoe üksus HU-11 on paigaldatud)
Dust- & splash-proof structureJah
PowerLi-ion Battery Pack BP-51 *Internal battery charge via USB terminal available. *USB power supply available.
Still imagesCa 240 pilti täis akuga
Movie | continuous recording u. 60 min täielikult laetud akuga
Weight (g)427 g (koos aku ja SD-kaardiga), 375 g (ainult kaamera korpus)
Operating Temperature0 - +40 °C
Operating Humidity 85% või vähem (mittekondenseeruv)
AccessoriesLi-ion Battery Pack BP-51, Strap, STRAP HOLDER SH-11, USB AC ADAPTER UAC-21, USB CABLE (C-C) SUC-41, HOT SHOE UNIT HU-11, Body Cap, Instruction Manual
Optional AccessoriesKäepide HG-11, suur käepide HG-21, LCD pildiotsija LVF-11, elektrooniline pildiotsija EVF-11, alusplaat BPL-11, kaabli vabastaja CR-41, alumine käepide BG-11, alalisvoolu ühendus CN-21, laadija BC-71, vahelduvvoolu adapter SAC-7P, rihmahoidja SH-11 (2 tk)


* All figures calculated by L-Mount. Note: The L-Mount Trademark is a registered Trademark of Leica Camera AG. About Product Name: Product name includes "DG" when the lens is designed to deliver the ultimate in performance on cameras with full-frame sensors, and "DN" when the lens design is optimized for mirrorless cameras with the short flange focal length