Mount Conversion Service 
How it works

How we conduct the service

Once SIGMA Imaging Nordic receives the completed request for the Mount Conversion Service, the lens will be sent to the repair centre for essential optimization and adjustment to the internal core system. A lot of lenses can be changed in Sweden, but some need to be sent to Japan.

What is the length of time for the service?

Normally, it takes about 10 working days if we can do it locally. If we need to send it to our factory in Japan, it usually takes 3-4 weeks.
You can download a complete list of which optics we can do locally, and which needs to be sent to Japan.  

Mount Conversion List


Warranty Period

SIGMA Imaging Nordic offers a 5 year warranty* to all registered customers of SIGMA certifed product and therefore the Mount Conversion Service will be eligible under this warranty period. For any lenses that are beyond five years, we offer a 6 month warranty after the Mount Conversion. We will check and ensure that the optical performance of all mount converted products remains the same using our original measurement system A1 (Aizu 1).

* The initial warranty is two years and is extended to a total of five years when you register your product.

How do I request a Mount Conversion Service?

Use our Service registration form and under "Fault description" you write Mount Conversion Service and to which mount you want to convert to. This is the link to our Service RegistrationPlease make sure you pack it well before you send your optics. We do not compensate for transport damage, it is the carrier of your choice and their terms and conditions that apply.